China Coal Information Institute & National Institute for Occupational Safety (CCII&NIOS) is a leading research institute at national level, with more than600 quality employees including a number of well known specialists, professors, PhD holders, and overseas returnees among other capable research fellows.
The main business of CCII&NIOS covers information research, publication of books and periodicals, audio & video products, printing shop and property management. CCII&NIOS consists of two parts, the administration departments and the business divisions. The administration departments include administrative office, personnel management office, technical development office, business development office, capital construction and real-estate management office, finical accounting office, etc. The business divisions includes the energy and safety division, safety evaluation and consultancy division, periodical division, information resource division, coal industry publishing house, coal audio-video publishing house, property management and development division, Yindong real-estate management co.,ltd., printing shop of China coal industry publishing house, etc.
CII&NIOS always puts the information research on safety and coal industry in the first place, providing valuable information support and policy-making consultancy to national occupational safety and coal industry development. A number of study projects are accomplished in CCII&NIOS each year, involving occupational safety, coal, energy, environment, information technology, law and regulations, etc. CCII&NIOS has implemented a number of international projects successfully and established the cooperative relationship with the governmental departments and companies in more than 20 countries including USA, UK, Germany, Australia, Japan and with the international organizations such as United Nations Development Programme, World Bank, and Asian Development Bank,  etc.
CCII&NIOS is devoted to occupational safety and coal technology dissemination and popularization, and publishes China Occupational Safety, China Coal, Modern Miner, China Coalbed Methane, etc. CCII&NIOS has set up the China Information Network for Occupational safety, China Digital Library for Occupational Safety and China Digital Library for Coal Industry, all of which are oriented to national coal and other industries.
China Coal Industry Publishing House and China Coal Audio-Video Publishing House of CCII&NIOS are both among the state-owned first-class publishing houses, with more than 360 types of publications and more than 30 series of audio-video products annually, respectively, China occupational safety yearbook and China coal industry yearbook included.


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